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Vinyasa Yoga For Youth


Our mission is to bring the power and peace of yoga to youth everywhere.

Our vision is to empower a generation of courageous and mindful youth.


About Us

About Us


About Us

Vinyasa Yoga for Youth (VYFY) is a registered non-proft that was founded in 2008 by Ryan Leier and Kristine Divall. Our goal is to build meaningful connections with youth through the practice of yoga. Our programs engage youth in a fun way and aim to foster self-awareness, encourage an enhanced capacity for compassion, and promote healthy living choices for themselves and their community.

We currently connect with almost 4000 children in the city of Saskatoon and have trained over 220 specialized Yoga for Youth instructors. Just recently we have expanded into Golden, BC!


Our Programs

The programs we offer happen primarily in schools but we often work within day camps, boys and girls clubs, after-school programs, and treatment centres. Sometimes we work with a group of youth on a singular occasion, but often our programs are long-term and we are able to establish deeper connections.

Our Yogi In Residence (YIR) program plays a fundamental role in the relationship-building between VYFY and the students. This three-year partnership with a school or organization puts one of our teachers into a school to form unified relationships and an understanding of the values and practices of yoga. 

We currently have six YIR placements in Saskatoon within Elementary Schools, High Schools, and the Calder Centre, a youth treatment centre.


Northern Yoga Project

Northern Yoga Project


Inspiring courageous and mindful youth in their communities with tools to experience and embody holistic wellness.



Bringing the power and peace of yoga to youth everywhere through direct access, skill delivery, and collaboration.


How We Do That

Our VYFY ambassador/educator/leaders/advocates are called into communities to experience and share yoga and mindfulness practices which enhance self empowerment, deep relationship and community building.


-Our team will visit the community to host yoga classes for students

-We make yoga mats and resources available to schools to support continued wellness

-We offer professional development workshops and yoga teacher trainings


Teacher Training

Teacher Training



ROOTS - 25hr Immersion Training

RISE - 75hr Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Teacher Training

Our trainings focus on the unique challenges of working with youth at risk.

This includes:

  • Overview of Vinyasa Yoga for Youth
  • Creating yoga programs that work with the school curriculum
  • Sequencing for Youth Vinyasa classes
  • Asana classes
  • Yoga philosophy and making it accessible to youth
  • At Risk Youth- who are they, what are they facing, and how yoga can help
  • Youth engagement
  • Opportunity to practice teaching youth of various ages and receiving feedback
  • Other relevant sessions on topics such as: First Nations teaching, school curricula, and social justice

This training brings together yoga, education, social justice & youth at risk in a meaningful and relevant way.  Being grounded in these topics allows student's to explore and expand their knowledge of ways to reach youth and empower them through yoga practice.



EMBODYING PEACE: Pathways to Wellness in Education

We offer both 1/2 day and full day professional development days for school teachers.  

You can expect to from the day:

      Learn the many ways in which Yoga and Mindfulness benefit children and youth

      Learn direct ways to share Yoga and Mindfulness in the classroom setting

      Experience Yoga and mindfulness practices

      Meet a community of classroom teachers and yoga teacher passionate about sharing these experiences with youth

Who is the workshop a good fit for:

Anyone who is currently working with youth (ages 3- 18), who is passionate about yoga and mindfulness but possibly unsure of how to get started in the classroom setting.



Previous participants share this feedback:

“The depth of this training has really been invaluable to grow in to a well aware, well rounded teacher role.  The breadth and quality of the sessions and variety of presenters has been amazing”.

“Blessed for this training”

“Life changing”

“ The training was very thorough, more than i expected or could have imagined”

” Very heavy self- development and social awareness”




Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming Trainings

ROOTS: 25 hr Vinyasa Yoga for Youth training immersion

La Ronge Saskatchewan | September 21st- 23rd, 2018

The Roots immersion:
Immerse yourself in the practice, learn ways to integrate yoga poses, mindfulness and breathing and other aspects of wellness into the work you are already doing with youth.
This is a training for anyone who works with youth - school teachers, school counselors, EA’s and ECE’s, coaches, community center employees, youth care workers, etc. 
In this training, along with a deeper understanding of the benefits for youth, you will be given tools that will teach you to care for yourself first! From our own self care we can  more effectively serve others.

Cost: $450.00

We invite anyone from our partner communities or a remote, underserved northern community that would like to bring yoga to the youth they work with to apply for a scholarship.



ROOTS: 25 hour training immersion- Saskatoon Saskatchewan | November 9th- 11th, 2018

RISE: 75 hr Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Teacher Training- Saskatoon Saskatchewan | November 9th- 16th, 2018


Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs


why vinyasa yoga for youth exists: to connect youth to their personal power and the influence they have on the well-being of the world


Care and Share Inner City School Yoga Program

This program takes place in the 17 community Elementary Schools in Saskatoon. Each school is matched with one of our Yoga teachers, who spend a 1/2 day / week for 8 weeks at the school. During their 1/2 day they teach Yoga to around 90 students. Many  students have experienced the program as it has been running since 2010.


High School Yoga Program & Youth Retreats

Since 2008 our teachers have been sharing Yoga regularly in many of the high schools in Saskatoon. In many of the inner city high schools we offer regular weekly yoga classes,  both as extra-curricular, and during class time.  We also like to bring high school students from around the city together. We do this at our Yoga Retreats. The retreats are either a full or 1/2 day and take place at a local yoga studio. We invite 5- 10 students from various schools to attend. During the retreat we spend time both practicing yoga together and learning about Yogic philosophy and how we can apply the teachings in our own life. Currently we have an open class 1 Friday afternoon each month for any youth to attend at no cost.


Youth Addictions Treatment

One of the area’s we have experienced a large impact and connection with youth is at the Calder Centre.  Calder Centre is a Youth addictions treatment centre in Saskatoon. We have had a Yoga teacher sharing yoga there once a week for a several years. Although she may only spend 2-4 yoga sessions with the youth while they are there, we have seen many of these continue to practice yoga after leaving the centre. We have received funding from Affinity Credit Union for a partial Yogi In Residence at Calder Centre. 

Serving Community Requests

Our instructors are regularly called to schools and organizations to offer yoga to youth in the community. We tailor these offerings to meet the needs of the students being served and this can be anything from an hour class to a full year program or teaching a workshop to staff.  


Yogi in Residence

Yogi in Residence


The Yogi In Residence program idea was planted back when Vinyasa Yoga for Youth was founded. The idea first took roots at Bishop Klein school in Saskatoon in 2013. The program partners a yoga teacher with a school for 3 years, working with the same students and following them from grade 4,5,6 - grade 6,7,8. The program also matches the school with a funder, who commits to funding the program for 3 years.


A major pillar for this program is the relationships build between the yoga teacher and students. Therefore, it is important to have the Yoga teacher with the same students for 3 years. We find the first year is about establishing, interest,  trust and routine. In year 2 and 3 we really see the program flourish.


The Yogi works with classroom teacher, the school community coordinator and administration team to help infuse the school community with yoga. The ways in which this might happen are numerous and it's important to find ways to infuse yoga that work for the particular school.  Some schools have yoga clubs, some have teacher practices. At some schools the Yogi spend time in the classroom linking yoga with the school curriculum.


Yogi Dwight | Oskayak School

Yogi- Dwight | School- Bishop Klein 

Yogi- Lauren | School – St Michaels 

Yogi- Yuby | School- Lester B Pearson 

Yogi - Lauren | Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop 

Yogi- Lauren | Calder Centre 





Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Send us a note if you are a classroom teacher or youth worker wanting to book some yoga classes, or are interested in becoming a certified Vinyasa Yoga for Youth teacher. We know the success of our organization relies on community connection and collaboration. Drop us a line anytime! 

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